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Emotions, scents and flavours has always been my way of life - it's what everything else is based on.

As a child, I was stimulated by the senses, by the scent of the beautiful things of nature, like the smell of freshly harvested grapes that my grandfather pressed and filtered in the old family's winery.

I have always been driven by new incentives and challenges and this project has come at the right time of my life when I feel ready and sure and when I have learned to intensely appreciate its beautiful moments. Now I'm a very enterprising woman.

Growing up means enhancement, becoming more determined, and "Francesca Mara" wants to preserve and build on the roots, passions and resources of the Italian countryside. I have chosen four wines, because I believe they are the best of what "Made in Italy" can offer today in the world.


"Wines are like beautiful woman.

They are all different, mysterious and fiery.

And like women, they should be savoured with love."



Francesca Mara's  
"La Voce di Reggio Emilia" interview

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